Christina has been practicing, studying and loving yoga extensively for the past 15 years. Her passion and hunger for more thorough, traditional yogic practices and knowledge led her to Koh Phangan, Thailand, where she completed a Chakra Yoga Teacher Training under the brilliant and inspirational guidance of David Goulet and Marina Hallerman in 2004.
In Thailand Christina was exposed to a different way of living (Asian and yogic, mental and physical) and was set on a path that continues to challenge, fulfill and enormously inspire her.
She stayed in Asia in order to seek out diverse Eastern practices, philosophies, religions and traditions while teaching and living in Thailand (1 year), Maldives (3 months), Bhutan (2 years), Bali (3+ years) and is currently based in Italy while continuing to teach multiple yoga retreats around the world in collaboration with her New York based yoga teacher sister, Andrea Curry. Her teaching influence comes directly from her life experience, her travels, her many teachers, her students and her interpretation and personal devotion and love for the practice.
For over 5 years Christina worked in some of the worlds leading hotels and award winning health retreats which integrate yogic practices with a wellness team that includes Ayurvedic Doctor’s, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Energy Healing Masters, Exercise Physiologists, Pilates experts and Nurse Practitioners. She has had the advantage of teaching practitioners of all levels, abilities and backgrounds, which makes her a very well rounded and accessible teacher.
Christina has completed Teacher Trainings with Pyramid Yoga, Ana Forrest and The White Lotus Foundation and has helped organize and participated in yoga retreats with David Swenson, David Williams, Erich Schiffman, David Life, Sharon Gannon, Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman Yee, Sara Powers, Ty Powers, Noah Maze and many other inspiring and talented teachers and healers.
Christina’s teaching style is primarily inspired by Vinyasa, Anusara, Iyengar, Hatha, Restorative and Forrest Yoga, with an enthusiastic emphasis and exploration of pranayama, meditation, yogic lifestyle and philosophy. Her spirited and knowledgeable approach comes across in her intuitive, creative, challenging yet therapeutic classes.
She is deeply grateful for the knowledge she continues to receive from her teachers, her students and her practice on and off the yoga mat.