A yoga retreat gives you the break you need from every day stress, meetings, errands and obligations. By taking yourself out of your normal environment, you will be able to give your mind more space and freedom to go deeper in your practice. By committing more time, space and energy to yourself and your practice, you will advance physically and mentally and leave feeling renewed, relaxed and energized. This break gives you quality time with yourself or with a friend or loved one, and allows you to reconnect or delve deeper in to your body, mind and spirit. It is a great joy of mine to be able to teach retreats with my sister, Andrea, in stunning, serene retreat centers around the world that offer delicious healthy cuisine and a wide-range of Holistic treatments. Nutritious food, talented therapists and comfortable beds amidst naturally gorgeous settings, make this a 360° approach to your well-being.
All practices are welcome!

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