"Christina has been an incredible guide for me as I navigate the world of yoga, meditation and breath work.
She works intuitively and manages to always help me arrive to a tranquil and relaxed state, which is such a blessing with my packed schedule. I always leave a session with her feeling recharged and relaxed for my work and family life."
Beatrice Panerai · Journalist at Class Editori

"Practicing yoga with Christina always helps me to get grounded, centered and inspired for the day ahead.
She is very intuitive and manages to understand what I need in my practice on any given day.
She has also inspired my understanding of the importance of meditation, which leaves me feeling recharged and balanced.
Her knowledge and her spirit keep my practice joyful and inspired."
Brian Atwood · Founder and Creative Director at Brian Atwood

"I have had the opportunity and pleasure to attend yoga retreats with Christina, and I cannot recommend them enough.
She manages to create the perfect balance between a very active and challenging practice, with ample time for restoration and meditation. I appreciate listening to her insights on life and yoga and I consider spending several hours in her company to be an absolute pleasure and privilege. Her retreats have proven to be invaluable in my life and I have returned ‘fully restored’ on each occasion to my life in Switzerland. I now hope to make this a ‘spring tradition’ and look forward to attending many more retreats with her in the future."
Philippe Studer · Owner and Director of Summer Camp Montana

"Christina has truly inspired and changed my life by sharing her knowledge and passion for yoga with me.
She was the first serious, competent and highly skilled yoga teacher in my life. When I look back to where I was before
she inspired my practice, I realize just how far I have come in my life. I am very grateful for her support, intuition
and her message during dark times in my life, it has been a gift to have her as a guide. When I am in practice with her
I know I am in the hands of a wise teacher and friend and I always leave my practice feeling like a better version of myself.
It is a true pleasure to be around her beautiful personality and incredible light energy."
Giulia Sanges · Co-Founder at Nefertiti

"Being able to take classes with Christina during Milan Fashion Week is a true blessing.
She is part of my health and wellness team, which is so necessary with all of the travelling I do. Her professionalism and clear passion for yoga starts my day off on a very positive note and gives me the energy I need for the hectic day ahead.
It’s completely changed my fashion week experience and I would not be able to get through it without her."
Debra Thom · Vice-President at Karla Otto, NY

"It has taken me a long time to find a teacher that has been able to clearly transmit the importance
and benefits of yoga to me. I am grateful to be able to take classes with Christina while working in Milan.
She definitely challenges me and I leave her classes feeling charged and inspired.
It is a definite highlight in my schedule during Milan Fashion Week."
Rickie De Sole · Fashion Market and Accessories Director at W Magazine, NY

"I experienced an incredible yoga retreat with the Curry sisters in Bhutan, they were the perfect balance of yin and yang.
Athletic and soulful yoga presented on a human level that calls to your spirit.
They were also flexible to adjust to my goals on this amazing trip. I’d follow them anywhere."
Tim Dattels · Co-Managing Partner and Senior Partner at TPG Capital

"Christina added great depth to my knowledge and understanding of the mind body connection.
Her ability to guide me through the experience of my own body and my relationship to it has truly enhanced
the connection I have to myself and to others. She puts you at ease and adapts to your personal needs and goals.
It has been a great pleasure."
Clarice Pecori Giraldi · Director of Private Sales at Christie’s